Perfect Pet Dog TrainingPlaying Frisbee with your dog is a fun outdoor activity. Some dogs take more time than others to get the hang of it, but many can be taught to play Frisbee and love it.

The first step is to make sure your dog is healthy enough to play Frisbee. Talk to your vet if you have any concerns. If you have a puppy, talk to your vet about how old your puppy should be before he can start jumping for the Frisbee. If puppies do any extreme jumping before their growth plates have closed, it can lead to lifelong problems. Typically around 14 months is a good age.

If your vet says it’s ok to go ahead and start training, it’s time to find a Frisbee to introduce to your dog. For most dogs it is best to start with a Frisbee that is soft and flexible. You don’t want to use a Frisbee that is too hard because it may hurt your dog when he tries to catch it. If this happens it may ruin the game for your dog! One way to get your dog to really like the Frisbee is to use it as a food bowl for a while.

Now encourage your dog to play with the Frisbee. You can do this by “teasing” him with it or rolling it across the floor so he can chase it. If he is interested in it and picks it up, praise him. He does not need to bring it back to you at this point, but if he does, praise him for that too! If he doesn’t seem interested in the Frisbee at first, play with him for a while with other toys that he likes and then try the Frisbee again.

Next, take your dog outside and toss the Frisbee short distances. If he goes after it encourage him and praise him. In the beginning start by throwing the Frisbee low and flat.

Once your dog is going after the Frisbee, start encouraging him to bring it back to you. If your dog does well with the “come” command, call him to come to you when he has the Frisbee in his mouth. If he is not good with the come command or is not bringing the Frisbee back to you, you can help him by putting a long line on him (a 20’ or 30’ leash). Reel him in a bit with the leash and as soon as he gets to you with the Frisbee give him treats and praise. Then throw the Frisbee again. If you are having trouble getting your dog to give the Frisbee to you, you will need to work on the “drop it” command.

As your dog gets better at chasing the Frisbee start throwing it a little higher and he should begin to naturally jump for the Frisbee. Your dog should land on all fours the majority of the time so the force of impact is spread across all four legs. If he is landing on his back two legs, you can teach him how to jump through a hula hoop. This will teach him how to get his back legs up in the air when he jumps so he lands properly.

Don’t leave the Frisbee out when you are not playing with your dog. This will make the Frisbee much more exciting when you are playing with him.

Don’t be disappointed if your dog doesn’t take to playing Frisbee right away. Some dogs get it quickly, while others take months to get it right. Be patient and keep it fun for both of you.

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