January 2021 Group Class Schedule

Tuesday, January 19th:

Puppy Manners Class – 5pm – $125
Manners 101 – 6pm – $135
Manners 102 – 7pm – $135

Thursday, January 21st:

Basic Manners Class (all ages) – 11am – $135
Agility for Fun – 12:30pm – $140

Our Group Classes are great for socialization, help your dog learn obedience in a real life environment (an environment with […]

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Reliable Recall Tips

Tips for success

Keep the following tips in mind as you train your recall and incorporate the recall into
everyday life:

• Always make recalls rewarding.
• Use the highest value rewards you have.
• If you don’t have a reward handy, make a big production of taking your dog to get one. She earned it, and the whole […]

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Mental Stimulation

Long before dogs entered our homes and their life of leisure, dogs earned their food by spending hours each day searching and hunting for food. Today dogs are often handed everything they need including their meals. This may sound wonderful to many of us, but for our dogs it can lead to […]

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Socialization Ideas for Dogs and Puppies During the Coronavirus

Now may seem like a great time to bring a new puppy into your home. Or maybe you’re fostering a dog from your local shelter. You’re at home more (or all day long) why not! But what about the importance of socializing your new pup? The Coronavirus will likely play a big role in […]

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Dog Daycare Staff Member – Experience required

Perfect Pet Dog Training is the premier dog training facility in Gastonia with a commitment of outstanding service to our clients, both human and canine. We are growing and looking for energetic and outgoing individuals to join our team. Primary duties include: greeting clients, walking dogs outside, extensive cleaning of the facility, handling dogs […]

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Now Offering Daycare!

At this time our daycare program is designed for past or current clients of Perfect Pet Dog Training on Wednesdays only. However, we also offer a Playcare Training program for new clients (details below).


Our daycare program is designed to reinforce the training you and your dog have worked on with us in the […]

Front Door Etiquette

Since dogs learn that when the doorbell rings, and they run around barking, squealing, growling, and jumping off the walls, they will be rewarded with visitors to jump on, it is important to teach your dog the behavior you want him to do rather than what NOT to do. I highly recommend training a […]

Clicker Training

What is clicker training?

Clicker training is a fun and effective way to communicate with your dog. The only thing you need is a clicker, some treats, and your dog!

Clicker training is gentler than traditional training methods. According to Karen Pryor’s clickertraining.com website, “In traditional training, you tell an animal or person what to do, […]

Happy Paws Bootcamp

Bootcamp style workouts and other fun activities for you and your dog!

Happy Paws Bootcamp is the only organization in Gaston County offering a unique and challenging, yet fun fitness program that combines total body workouts and dog obedience for both man and his best friend.

Perfect Pet Dog Training and FITspiration FITness have joined forces […]


Barking problems are among the most common complaints that dog owners have. Why do dogs bark? Well, for a variety of reasons. Dogs will bark if they feel threatened. They may bark when they play and get excited. Some dogs will bark for attention. Some will bark if they are in pain and they’ll […]