Frequently Asked Questions

A: Our trainers at Perfect Pet Dog Training, LLC are certified professional dog trainers. You can be confident that you are working with professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to make your investment in dog training safe, effective and fun! We care about you and your dog(s) and want you to have a positive experience with results.
A: We train dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds! We enjoy working with all dogs and have experience working with many different breeds/mixed breeds and behavior issues.
A: Both programs are done in your home and /or at local parks and other local areas where dogs are permitted. With Private Lessons you and your dog work with our trainer once a week for about an hour. You are then given homework to work on over the next week. Each week we build on the lessons from the previous week. With Private Lessons the success of the training is dependent upon the involvement of the owner and the work that you do between each session.

With our Day Training programs our trainer trains your dog, and then teaches you the necessary skills to maintain the training for the future. Our Day Training program starts with a free evaluation to develop a detailed training plan and schedule. After the initial evaluation, our trainer will work with your dog multiple times per week, wrapping up each week with a session to show you what your dog has learned and how to ask for and reinforce new behaviors. Each Day Training session lasts 60-90 minutes and most programs last 3 weeks with 3 sessions per week.

A: You can begin training a new puppy or dog as soon as you bring it home. By beginning with a few simple skills, you will be a step ahead of any problem. With our free evaluations, we can come to your home, discuss the goals you have for your puppy or dog and agree on a training plan and a start date. Puppies and new dogs in your home can benefit greatly with obedience skills, rules and structure.
A: Yes, we are insured through Business Insurers of the Carolinas.
A: We accept cash, checks and credit cards.
A: Yes, we offer a free follow up lesson with our Private Lessons and Day Training programs. We welcome all of our clients to call or email us for help with training issues or questions at anytime.
A: No, old dogs can learn new tricks! Dogs of all ages can benefit from training. Dogs will stay healthier and more active if we help to keep them both physically AND mentally fit. It’s good for older dogs to learn new things, and they enjoy the one-on-one time with us just as much as the younger dogs do.
A: We do not charge extra for multiple dogs in Private Lessons. For Day Training there is a $200 charge for each additional dog. If you sign up for more than one group class during the same enrollment period you will receive a 20% discount for each additional dog.