Perfect Pet Dog TrainingQuestion: I know the correct (time consuming) way to stop a dog from jumping on guests. Problem is, I have two kids and not a lot of time (or people to help do it the correct way.) Is there a quick fix to jumping? She won’t jump on me or my husband, just guests, which we don’t get too often.

Answer: Unfortunately with animals there often isn’t a “quick” solution – dogs learn at different rates just like humans. I would say if you are looking for the easiest solution, I would suggest having her in a crate, or on a tether or on leash when guests come over, which you say doesn’t happen that often. It’s difficult to teach a dog something quickly if they don’t get a lot of practice with the new behavior, so when you have time, set up some sessions where you have some willing guests come over and work on reinforcing the dog heavily for not jumping – use whatever the dog finds they like best, whether it’s food or a toy or praise. Once they dog has developed a “history” of being reinforced for not jumping with people other than your immediate family that live in the house, the dog should learn faster what’s expected of them in situations when guests come over.

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