Perfect Pet Dog TrainingPerfect Pet Dog Training, LLC offers both Private Lessons and Day Training programs for the convenience of keeping your dog at home. Our Private Lessons are designed to suit you and your dog’s individual needs and your busy schedule. We come to you for daytime, evening or weekend appointments. By choosing any one of our private lesson programs you will receive undivided attention from a certified dog trainer, in your home, where the problems occur. Our job is to give you the skills you need to train your dog successfully. Private lessons include a detailed training plan to keep you on track between lessons, as well as lifetime support. Each private lesson lasts 45 minutes to one hour and there is no extra charge for multiple dogs.

Perfect Pet Dog Training’s Day Training program is great for owners with busy schedules. If you would like to enjoy the experience of returning home to a well trained, tired and happy dog this is the program for you! With this program our trainers train your dog in your home, and then teach you the necessary skills to maintain the training for the future. Our Day Training program starts with a free evaluation to develop a detailed training plan and schedule. After the initial evaluation, our trainer will work with your dog multiple times per week, wrapping up each week with a session to show you what your dog has learned and how to ask for and reinforce new behaviors. Each Day Training session lasts 60-90 minutes. All of our Day Training programs include one follow up session to ensure long term success.

Private Lessons and Day Training offer you and your family a custom training program to work on behavioral issues where they occur. Examples of problem behaviors include: barking and/or lunging at visitors at the door, nipping at children when they run around the house, fence fighting with the neighbor’s dogs, chewing up furniture, aggression between multiple pets, leash aggression when walking in public or around your neighborhood, potty training/marking issues, moderate to severe shyness, digging or destroying the yard. These are just a few of the dog problems we see and work with to help you get your household back on track!

Our professional dog trainer’s at Perfect Pet Dog Training, LLC have had extensive training and experience in the areas of problem solving and are prepared to handle any breed. We feel that the majority of problems that arise from dogs in their home environment come from lack of communication between the pet and their owners. It is our job to assist you and get you and your family in the habit of learning to speak dog!

Another benefit of private lessons is that we are actually teaching you how to train your own dog. Our trainers will teach you how to successfully take your dog through all three phases of training and ensure that you have a reliable, well-rounded dog. These dog training techniques can be applied to your next dog or pet, so the investment can last a lifetime! Call or email us today to set up your free evaluation – 803.210.9380 or

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