Perfect Pet Dog TrainingThese “For Fun” Classes provide handlers and dogs a chance to experience Agility Classes at a very basic and fun level with structure. Join one of these classes to learn what agility is about. Classes are great for novices (both dogs and handlers) to begin learning from the very beginning (clicker work, shaping, learn benefits of tug with structure, leave it, strengthen basic cues, focus work, learn how to work and have fun as a team, impulse control, touch, and contact work) and get the feel of different types of agility equipment.

Each class set is 6 weeks. For students who want to continue on, the next 6 week session will pick up where the last one left off and continue to build on skills learned.

Agility in our indoor facility is great to keep boredom at bay during the cold wet winter months or hot summer months! Agility is a perfect opportunity to have fun with your dog and bond. It is also a fantastic way to help dogs build confidence. Classes strengthen basic cues, listening skills, and your timing.

We offer a variety of starter equipment (examples of what may be used: clicker, tire, weave poles, seesaw, A-frame, pause table, jumps, contacts, long boards, tunnels, chutes, etc.) to acclimate the dogs to as the weeks go by. Working on equipment is great mental and physical exercise and stimulation.

Agility classes are not appropriate for dogs with Dog/Dog or Dog/People Aggression Issues. If concerned, please address with us before signing up. We do also offer private and semi-private agility lessons.

Prerequisites – dogs must be 9 months or older and must have completed basic obedience or an equivalent.

Please visit our website at or call us at 803.210.9380 for more information and class schedules.

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