How To Control Your Dog’s Barking

Barking is a natural instinct for dogs. There are times we want them to bark (warding off intruders) and other times we would like them to stop (when the same neighbor is outside that they see every day!). Below is a list of training techniques that can help you stop your dog from barking. […]

Training The “Watch Me” Command

The “watch me” command is a basic command that can be used to get your dog’s attention in different situations. I often use the “watch me” command for dogs that bark, lunge and become overly excited on the leash when they see other dogs. If your dog is looking at you, they are not […]

How To Keep Your Dog Mentally Stimulated

Long before dogs entered our homes and their life of leisure, dogs earned their food by spending hours each day searching and hunting for food. Today dogs are often handed everything they need including their meals. This may sound wonderful to many of us, but for our dogs it can lead to a bored, […]

FREE Canine Good Citizen Evaluations

FREE Canine Good Citizen testing will be held Saturday, January 12th from 10am-12pm. The test will be held at the Good Samaritan United Methodist Church in Lake Wylie. Please call or email to reserve your spot or for more information – 803-210-9380 or

Not sure if you and your dog are ready for the […]

What Is A Therapy Dog?

Therapy dogs are household pets whose owners take them to visit nursing homes, schools, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, libraries and other facilities where people would benefit from interactions with the dogs. A therapy dog can be any breed or mix of breeds. Therapy dogs must have a friendly, patient temperament with people of all ages. […]

Preventing Fearfulness In Dogs

Fearfulness in dogs can develop at any age. Often times the cause is lack of socialization to different people, animals, places and things during the prime puppyhood socialization period. Other causes include emotional trauma, physical abuse or simply not getting enough social interaction on a regular basis throughout the dog’s life. Shyness and fear […]

Benefits Of Training In Your Home

Perfect Pet Dog Training, LLC offers both Private Lessons and Day Training programs for the convenience of keeping your dog at home. Our Private Lessons are designed to suit you and your dog’s individual needs and your busy schedule. We come to you for daytime, evening or weekend appointments. By choosing any one of […]

Dogs And Exercise

When my own dogs don’t get enough exercise they let me know! Ivan will follow me around the house like a shadow, Merry will find any toy she can rip to shreds (and do just that) and Lola will bounce around the house like a ping pong ball trying to get anyone willing to […]

Choosing The Right Dog For Your Family

Adding a new dog to your family is a major decision. Be sure you are ready for the new dog and understand the cost of dog ownership. When you decide the time is right, the next step is figuring out what type of dog is right for your family. There are many factors to […]