Upcoming Group Classes

*** Upcoming Group Classes ***

Saturday, July 8th
Puppy Socialization
9am, $8/puppy
Instructor: Alison Pennington

Saturday, July 8th
Free Brush Up Class
Free to past clients only 
Instructor: Alison Pennington

Tuesdays, July 11th
Puppy Manners
10am, $120/6 classes
AKC STAR Puppy Certificate to follow
Instructor: Ashley Jenkins

Tuesdays, July 11th
Manners 101
11am, $130/6 classes
CGC Test to follow
Instructor: Ashley Jenkins

Tuesdays, July 11th
Tricks Class
6pm, $125/6 classes
Instructor: Samantha Spagnoletti

Tuesdays, […]

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Group Classes for January & February 2017

Group Class Schedule – Beginning January 2017


10am – Puppy Class (beginning January 10th – 6 week class)
11am – Level 1 Class
6pm – Level 1 Class
7pm – Level 2 Class
8pm – Agility for Fun


10am – Level 2 Class
11am – Level 3 Class
6pm – Level 3 Class
7pm – Level 4 Class
8pm – […]

Now Offering Daycare!

At this time our daycare program is designed for past or current clients of Perfect Pet Dog Training on Wednesdays only. However, we also offer a Playcare Training program for new clients (details below).


Our daycare program is designed to reinforce the training you and your dog have worked on with us in the […]

Front Door Etiquette

Since dogs learn that when the doorbell rings, and they run around barking, squealing, growling, and jumping off the walls, they will be rewarded with visitors to jump on, it is important to teach your dog the behavior you want him to do rather than what NOT to do. I highly recommend training a […]

Clicker Training

What is clicker training?

Clicker training is a fun and effective way to communicate with your dog. The only thing you need is a clicker, some treats, and your dog!

Clicker training is gentler than traditional training methods. According to Karen Pryor’s clickertraining.com website, “In traditional training, you tell an animal or person what to do, […]

Happy Paws Bootcamp

Bootcamp style workouts and other fun activities for you and your dog!

Happy Paws Bootcamp is the only organization in Gaston County offering a unique and challenging, yet fun fitness program that combines total body workouts and dog obedience for both man and his best friend.

Perfect Pet Dog Training and FITspiration FITness have joined forces […]


Barking problems are among the most common complaints that dog owners have. Why do dogs bark? Well, for a variety of reasons. Dogs will bark if they feel threatened. They may bark when they play and get excited. Some dogs will bark for attention. Some will bark if they are in pain and they’ll […]

Dogs And The Fourth Of July

Families across America love to celebrate with fireworks. For many dogs however, fireworks can be a source of extreme fear and stress. Here are some tips to help with the stress:

Take your dog for a long walk before the festivities start. This will allow him to potty outside before all of the noise begins […]

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The Importance Of Socialization

Socialization is important to the overall well-being of your dog because it will provide him with the ability to develop skills to cope with new experiences in a positive way, therefore reducing your dog’s stress.

What is Socialization?

Socialization is the process of exposing dogs to new environments and situations. It helps them to feel more […]

Real Life Training

One of the mistakes we often make with our dogs is thinking that dogs see training classes in the same way that we often see being in school—in other words, that learning is reserved for the classroom! In truth, dogs (and people) are constantly learning every second of every day. To have a truly […]